Alsense Infrarood Band temperatuursensor. Can bus.

Infrarood temperatuursensor -40 – 300 graden tbv bandoppervlakte temperatuur (16x per sensor). Can bus output. Plug&play voor AIM.


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Infrarood temperatuursensor tbv band oppervlakte temperatuur (16x per sensor). Can bus output. Plug&play voor AIM.

ALS Tire Wired

The ALS Tire Wired is an advanced multi-channel infrared brake temperature sensor with CAN connectivity. Fully configurable, 16 temperature channels / disc with a refresh rate of up to 64Hz. Comes either with an unterminated loom (0.5m) or DTM06-4S connector

Consistent temperature monitoring even when in harsh conditions due to newer sensor technology.

16 temperature channels / disc. Up to 64Hz refresh rate

Temperature Range
-40 to 300° C

Accuracy ± 1%

Field of View
110* horizontal
6* vertical

Consistent readings
New sensor and case design mean stable and consistent readings even with transient ambient temperatures.

Easy Install
All units come pre-programmed for the desired position and specifications.
Customizable terminating connector to suit any motorsport loom.
Supply voltage range 5-20V (no additional components required).
Electronic protection against incorrect wiring.

48 x 25 x 12 mm

Fully compatible with any CAN race dash or logger.

CNC aluminum case with full IP67 protection.

1 x ALS Tire Wired Temperature sensor with loom (depending on selected option)

Datasheets, manual and dbc file: 

AIM software instruction: 



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