Izze TTPMS tyrepressure+temperature kit PRO

Izze TTPMS bandenspanning en temperatuur monitoring systeem met can bus output voor display of logger.


Extra sensoren (+8,893.50) *

Optionele AIM Solo2DL display+logger (+0.00) *

3,150.00 excl. BTW | 3,811.50 incl. BTW

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The Izze-Racing wireless Tire Temperature and Pressure Monitoring System (TTPMS) consists of small, lightweight (21 gr), wheel-mounted sensors and an equally small receiver with a built in pressure transducer for high-accuracy gauge pressure measurements. The wireless sensor measures the lateral temperature distribution of the inner tire carcass with an ultra-wide 16-channel infrared sensor and pressure with a precision 24-bit pressure transducer, providing invaluable tire information for motorsport and R&D applications.

Pressure, Range (Gauge) 0 to 5000 mBar
Pressure, Resolution 1 mBar
Pressure, FS Accuracy (typ) ±10 mBar
Internal Temperature, Range -40 to 150˚C
Internal Temperature, Resolution 0.1˚C
Internal Temperature, FS Accuracy ±1.0˚C
IR Temperature, Range -20 to 300˚C
IR Temperature, Resolution 0.1˚C
IR Temperature, Accuracy (typ) ±3.0˚C
Sampling Period at Speed 1.2 seconds
Operating Temperature Range* 0 to 135˚C
Battery Life (typ) 1.5 million transmissions
Encryption AES-128
RF Frequency 868, 915, 920 MHz
RF Output Power 1mW
Wireless Range, Open Space > 100m

Voltage Input 5 to 16 V
Supply Current 30 mA
Temperature Range -20 to 85˚C
Max No. of Sensors 120 (30 / corner)
RF Center Frequency 868, 915, 920 MHz
Sensitivity (typ) -110dBm


Kit bestaat standaard uit 1 receiver en 4 sensoren + ventielen.

AIM can file .xc1 beschikbaar

Meer info: IZZE Racing website



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