KMP Quick release met 13 pins Autosport connector

KMP Quick release met 13 pins Autosport connector. Ideaal voor een stuurwiel met buttons en paddles. De aansluitingen lopen door het hart van de release en zo is er geen kabel aanwezig.

Connector 13p (+0.00) *

375.00 excl. BTW | 453.75 incl. BTW


Product description

The KMP Quick Release offers a hassle-free solution for seamless connections. With its self-centering mechanism featuring three contact points, alignment issues are a thing of the past. You can enjoy a secure and reliable connection every time without the need for adjustments.

Enhanced connectivity is available with the optional 13 Pins Autosport connector. This feature is designed to meet the demands of users who don’t want to use a curly cable or wireless connection.

Durability is a key focus of the KMP Quick Release. It has been subjected to extensive testing, enduring over 50,000 coupling cycles to ensure long-lasting performance. You can rely on its reliability and trust it to withstand frequent use. Its one-hand operation allows for effortless usability, enabling smooth and quick detachment with minimal effort. You can disconnect easily without any struggles or complications.

Precision and stability are guaranteed with zero-play in every direction and rotation. The KMP Quick Release ensures a secure and stable connection without unwanted movement or play. You can trust its stability, even in demanding environments.

One notable feature of the KMP Quick Release is its ability to provide a secure connection without any clamping force. This innovative design ensures a reliable connection while minimizing any unnecessary force or pressure.

It has a PCD of 70mm with 6 M5 threads on the wheel side. The total height excluding connector is 46mm (53mm with connector).
The QRC holds a 13 pins 8STA Motorsport connector. It will be supplied with contacts and insert/extraction tools.


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